Our Senior Pet Care and Home Euthanasia Service

At Gippsland Mobile Vets, We have a special interest in patient care for our Senior Pet's. We also understand that senior patients find a visit to a Veterinary clinic stressful and often uncomfortable.Our goal is to make sure that they live out their Golden years, as comfortably and happy as they possibly can. We provide the following services: Health checks, routine senior Blood testing, Arthritis treatments and injections and much more. So if you think that your senior pet might benefit from a visit from a mobile vet, then feel free to give us a call

Then when the time comes, we can provide a compassionate, Home Euthanasia service for your Pet, when it is time to say goodbye. We can provide this service either in the comfort of your home or outside in your pets favourite part of the garden, we aim to tailor the service to suit your pet. We offer a burial and cremation service if you are not able to bury your beloved pet at home.